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      I have been using Jamies home day care for 7+ years and have had excellent experience there. My boys have not gone to preschool and now their letters, writting, etc. She is an excellent day care provider. Highly recommend her services. Couldnt be happier.
      When we first moved to the area the first thing we found was daycare. We wanted to make sure that our kids would be taken care of by someone that we trust and that they will love. Choosing Jamie was the best decision ever. Both of our girls love going to Jamies. They love Jamie, her family, their friends, playing, doing crafts, and learning. Our oldest just started Kindergarten and she was definitely ready because of everything that Jamie had taught her. Our youngest just started the preschool curriculum with Jamie, is learning a ton, and is loving every minute! I love dropping them off knowing that they are well taken care of and enjoy the day at Jamies. I highly recommend Jamie!
      My son went to Jamies and now my daughter goes there. My kids love Jamie. When I drop them off in the morning they wave to me and say "bye-bye mama" and are always happy to see Jamie and the other kids there. It give me a sense of comfort to know they are happy and excited to spend the day with her and their friends. Jamie is thoughtful, kind and a wonderful teacher for my children. I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful caregiver for my children.
      My kids have had an awesome time here. They enjoy the food, crafts, playing outside and meeting friends. We have had a great experience here.
Jamie's Home Day Care, Inc
1400 Marcy Lane
Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 414-5193
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