What does Jamie's Home Day Care have to offer my child? I have a large variety of toys that consists of blocks, puzzles, board games, dolls, dress-up clothes, trucks, trains, cars, dinosaurs, busy beads, musical toys, and computerized educational learning toys. Infant toys and many other toys. I have a large fenced in yard with a large play set and a Little Tykes slide, playhouse, sandbox and many other outdoor toys. My outdoor play area is more than large enough for the children to run, play and use their imaginations.I have a professional music man come to my home weekly to play his instruments, sing and dance with the children, he also brings instruments for the children to play. An average day spent at my day care consists of supervised free play and daily structured activity time. An opportunity for crafts with different textures and mediums will be given to each child within the realm of their abilities. Crayons, paints, markers, play-doh, glue, dot markers, glitter glue, etc. are some of the basic items I have for the children to use to explore and use their creativity.
Jamie's Home Day Care, Inc
1400 Marcy Lane
Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 414-5193
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